Nanny McCluckins Chick Hatching Experiences

The Questions Peeps Ask

Farm life

Yes! All of the birds that are hatched through Nanny McCluckins go back to the farm where they were laid. We work exclusively with small, family-owned farms – not hatcheries. This is fundamentally very important to us at Nanny McCluckins, so we are selective about the farms that we partner with. We pride ourselves on finding, establishing, and nurturing incredible farm relationships.  We truly LOVE our farmers!

With our hatching experiences your children will be able to set up the incubator, place the eggs and then check on them each day as they await their arrival; you can candle them to see growth and development progress inside the egg which is quite fascinating! Once set up, operation is simple; water will have to be added every other day or so and then on lockdown day the automatic turner is removed, and the eggs need to be left completely undisturbed.

The eggs will incubate for approximately 18-28 days (depending on the type of bird you are hatching) and then your kids can enjoy all their cuteness for another week or so. We provide everything you will need for the experience; so aside from finding a great spot to set up there is nothing that you need to worry about. Once we take the chicks back, we return them to the farm to join their brood.

Our most commonly asked questions.

How many eggs will we get and how many will hatch?
We aim for everyone to get 4 or 5 eggs but it totally depends on what we get from the farms. Our typical hatch rate lands between 70-80%. If you follow all of the instructions provided to you, consistent temperature being the most important, we are confident that your experience will be amazing!
How will we know what to do or expect?
No need for a single worry! We provide you with complete written instructions as well as all of the live person support you may need. We make ourselves available via phone, text, social media and email.
How much space do we need?
Everything fits in a medium sized tub so very little space! The incubator is only about 12″ by 10″ by 6″ so it easily fits on a shelf or table and the housing bin can be placed anywhere nice and warm, away from drafts and close to an electrical outlet.
I'm doing this at school, do I need to bring everything home on the weekend?

No you don’t.  We don’t recommend moving the incubator once it is set up.  The incubator is completely fine to be left set up over the weekends.  Moving the chicks and their housing bin after they have hatched is not a problem.

We’re in love! Can we please keep our chicks?!

Yes! Depending on where you live quite often the farms will sell their chicks to the people who hatch them!

What happens if none of our eggs hatch?

Because nature is unpredictable, and not always controllable  it may happen that none of the eggs you end up with are fertile or viable.

If that happens we hope you’ll give hatching another go with a 50% off discount on a new experience.

Here’s a brief overview of our hatching agreement:

I understand that this is a science experiment and everything that can be done to ensure a successful hatch has been done and there is no guarantee that any of the eggs that I am supplied with will hatch, as nature is unpredictable.

If the hatch is not successful, I am entitled to a “Try Again” offer of 50% off a hatch.

I agree to return the equipment on time, clean and undamaged and agree that the payment method used to book my hatching experience may be charged for damages, cleaning fees, missing parts or delivery/pickup/late fees. 

I understand and acknowledge that I have 10 days from my day of purchase (booking) to cancel and get a full refund. If the hatching experience I choose is less than 10 days from the time I book, I understand that this sale is final, and I am unable to receive a refund should I opt to cancel. I understand that I can reschedule my hatching to a future hatch if the dates I chose no longer work for my family. If I inform Nanny McCluckins with a minimum of 10 days notice, there is no fee to reschedule my hatching experience. If less than 10 days notice is given, I acknowledge that there is a $25(plus taxes) fee to reschedule